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Ethically-sourced and superior grade fair trade products.
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The Best Way to Steam Milk?
Dense and Delicious Foam
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The Heart of every beverage
Espresso Caffè macchiato
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Expect More Than Coffee
The Alternate Network

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Interested to raise funds for your school or organization? Our fundraising program offers you an exciting range of organic, fair trade products to help you raise the money you need to make that difference! The profit margin we offer is good, and your customers will also appreciate the difference in quality! We will even roast your coffee fresh on the day of delivery so that your customers can really taste the T.A.N. difference!

“This coffee is hands down BETTER than what I have been drinking. I brewed a cup yesterday afternoon for the grade meeting and was blown away by the flavor, aroma and the ABSOLUTE lack of (bitter) aftertaste. Excellent coffee – buy more!” Comments from a teacher about the coffee that was sold weekly as a fund raiser in his school

Contact us if you are interested to explore the idea…we want to help you create that difference!

land old ladyWe are going to visit our producers in Guatamala this August 2009. Join us on this trip to meet the growers! It will be an experience of a lifetime!

T.A.N. coffee organizes trips to the producing countries for all the owner operators in the network. We want every owner operator to have their personal and direct connection with the producers in the developing countries.